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The low income and poverty-stricken areas of Mississippi have historically suffered from low-test scores, low graduation rates, and a high concentration of special education students Additionally, poor, Black Mississippians have performed lower, have lower graduation rates, and score lower in college readiness than do students in the rest of the nation. Similar, Mississippi continues to rank last or near the bottom on national measures of reading achievement. To reverse this trend, in 2013 the Mississippi State Legislature passed the Literacy- Based Promotion Act to improve the literacy skills of students beginning in kindergarten and extending through third grade. The law requires every school district in the state to provide a strong reading-intensive based curriculum, as well as interventions for students displaying a substantial deficiency in reading. The law also mandate that school districts deny promotion from third to fourth grade for any student whose deficiency in reading is not remediated before the end of third grade. While many students are successful and are promoted to fourth grade, a large percentage of third grade students are being retained as they may not pass the required summative assessment. Array The researcher used a qualitative case study design to identify the strategies and practices implemented by third grade teachers whose students passed the summative reading assessment and were promoted to fourth grade. Fifteen third- grade reading teachers from multiple school districts in Mississippi participated in the study. From an analysis of the fifteen teachers interviews, five strategies emerged that were implemented by teachers whose students passed the assessment. These strategies correlate with the National Reading Panels five noted strategies and practices that lead to successful reading instruction. Array Keywords: reading comprehension, reading strategy usage, third grade reading, scaffolding, sociocultural theory, schema theory, prison-to-school-pipeline


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