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AbstractPointer, Leviticus SeCret. Ed.D. The University of Memphis. December, 2018. Urban School Leadership Preparation Programs Key Factors for Developing School Leaders: What are the key factors Urban School Leadership Preparation Programs use to develop school leaders? Major Professor: Dr. Beverly Cross.This research was designed to identify key factors that are essential for urban school leadership preparation by conducting research, developing proven urban school leadership competencies, and for improving urban school leadership practices which enhance student learning, development and achievement. There was a secondary purpose for this research in determining if culturally relevant leadership practices were utilized as components for the development for urban school leadership preparation. This research provided notable key factors that could impact the development in urban school leaders and as well identified culturally relevant leadership practices that could be utilized in the multifaceted role of being an urban school principal. The top five ranked university urban school leadership preparation programs in 2017's U.S. News World & Report rankings were analyzed through an extensive Qualitative Comparative Analysis (QCA) process. There were two major conclusions in this specific research. The first conclusion provided information in that each program focused on a platform for creating democracy and diminishing marginalization; and creating equity through social justice leadership. The second conclusion was that each program had an exceptional viewpoint for visionary leadership practices that would make society better with adequate preparation. These findings, implications, and recommendations for better preparation for urban school leaders could provide a balanced repertoire set of skills that could assist urban school leaders in becoming successful instructional leaders, community change agents, and social justice leaders through circumspective leadership practices; which ultimately urban school leaders will face in the future of education.


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