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Doctor of Education


Leadership & Policy Studies

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Reginald Green

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Charisse Gulosino

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James Mitchell

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Derrick Robinson


Teacher attrition is disruptive to the functioning of schools. Student disadvantage is exacerbated in schools serving larger populations of lower socioeconomic status and/or non-white students because these schools suffer from higher rates of teacher attrition. The subsequent recruitment, selection, and development cycle of new teachers contributes to the problem by constraining economic resources of schools and districts. Combined, the effects of teacher attrition inhibit schools from becoming effective promoters of student achievement. Previous research on teacher retention identified school leadership as an important and salient factor in promoting teacher retention. While it is known that school leaders matter, the literature lacks specificity regarding principal behaviors that promote teacher retention. This study of The Four Dimensions of Principal Leadership sought to add to the existing literature on teacher attrition by identifying specific principal behaviors that increase the likelihood of teachers choosing to stay at their schools. Results from the analysis produced statistically significant negative correlations that demonstrated that as teachers more favorably rated their principals on the twenty items aligned to Greens model, they also indicated the desire to remain at their current school. Additionally when controlling for additional variables, the regression blocks provided statistically significant evidence that the implementation of behaviors associated with Greens model accounts for 15.0% of the variance in a teachers career intentions. These findings suggest that teachers interested in staying at their current school seek to engage in collegial relationships with both their principal and colleagues. Greens model guides principals to key behaviors that promote these desired characteristics.


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