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Recent resounding dialogue surrounding school improvement has led to reform initiatives including Response to Instruction and Intervention (RTI2). Although all 50 states have implemented some form of an RTI model, Tennessees state-wide framework to address struggling learners has placed us at the forefront of educational reform. The Response to Instruction and Intervention (RTI2) initiative in Tennessee was implemented as a framework for teaching and learning to ensure success for all learners through a model of high expectations and supports for students. The lack of research surrounding the perceptions of principals regarding RTI2 in their respective schools and districts has created a gap of knowledge. To avoid the impediment of a lack of fidelity to the RTI2 framework this study sought to add to the limited research and analyze current practices in 5 municipal districts. This quantitative study utilizes survey research as a secondary analysis of the RTI2 implementation in 5 municipal school districts. Previously published data including responses to questions on 5 constructs of RTI2 from the Tennessee Educator Survey and demographic data from the Tennessee School District Report Card were investigated. The study sought to answer two overarching questions surrounding the school districts and school principals biggest successes and continued challenges. The data was analyzed through four research questions using a Friedman rank sum test, T-test, Shapiro-Wilk, linear regressions, and a multiple regression.


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