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Yao Shi



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Doctor of Philosophy


Business Administration

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Mark Gillenson

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Xihui “Paul” Zhang


Software testing is becoming more and more critical to ensure that software will function properly in the production environment. Consequently, the effort, time, and funds invested in software testing activities have been increased significantly. However, these resources cannot meet the increasing demand of software testing. As such, managers have to allocate testing resources to the test cases that are more critical to uncover defects. This study builds a value function that can quantify the value of a test case and thus provide an approach in selecting key functional test cases. Following the guidance of case study research and using an innovative methodology to develop a mathematical function, we took three steps to develop a value function of software functional test cases. First, we built an initial value function based on a systematic analysis of the pertaining literature and theoretical background. Next, we interviewed industrial professionals and managerial staff who are working in testing to provide expert comments and give practical feedback on the initial value function. Finally, based on an in-depth analysis of the comments and feedback from the interviews, we revised and finalized the value function by incorporating some of the new factors that emerged from the interviews and modifying some of the initial factors that varied in meaning according to the viewpoints of the interviewees. This finalized value function can play a significant role in prioritizing test cases and addressing the resource constraint issues in software testing.


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