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ABSTRACTStrazzullo, Gianluca. D.M.A. The University of Memphis. December 2019.The Contributions of Sigismund Thalberg and Vincenzo Vitale to the Neapolitan Piano School. Major Professor: Dr. Janet Page.The purpose of this dissertation is to shed light upon the world-famous concert pianists Sigismund Thalberg and Vincenzo Vitale and their vital contributions to one of Europes most acclaimed musical movements of the nineteenth century: the Neapolitan Piano School. The introductory chapter explores the musical ambiance in Naples before and during Thalbergs time there. The second chapter contains Thalbergs biography. The following chapter discusses Thalbergs technical style and provides a brief analytical discussion on the Fantaisie sur les motifs de Mose en Egypte de Rossini, Op. 33. LArt du Chant appliqu au piano is analyzed in chapter 4, uncovering the cornerstones for the development of the Neapolitan Piano School. Chapter 5 examines the pivotal role of Vincenzo Vitale, who is considered the last world-renowned pedagogue of the school. With the concluding chapter, this study aims to elucidate and bring attention to the work of these forgotten geniuses, who fathered perhaps the most prestigious piano school in Western Europe.


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