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Nicole West



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Doctor of Philosophy



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Steven West

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Patrick Murphy

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Pamela Cogdal

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William Hunter


This repeated measure design evaluates the effectiveness of the trauma-informed parent education course known as Empowered to Connect. This research used a quantitative method to investigate whether caregivers who are exposed to trauma-informed material improve their trauma-informed parenting skills and their parent-child relationship with their biological, foster, adoptive, and/or kinship children. Trauma-informed parenting is defined as a caregivers understanding of the impact of trauma on development and his or her ability to parent a child who has experienced a disruption in attachment and connection. A One-Way Repeated Measures Analysis of Variance (ANOVA), descriptive statistics, and a Wilcoxon Signed-Rank Test were used to determine improvement in caregiver scores. The Resource Parent Knowledge and Beliefs Survey (RPKBS) as well as the Behavioral Assessment for Children Parent Relationship Questionnaire (BASC-PRQ) were given at pre and post time points. The sample consisted of 36 caregivers, all of whom completed the RPKBS; 20 of whom completed the BASC-PRQ. The findings for RPKBS were statistically significant, suggesting a need for continued research, as this study did not utilize a control group for comparison purposes. Although BASC-PRQ scores improved from pre to posttest, the improvements were not found to be statistically significant.


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