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This paper presents a general overview of the viola-guitar ensemble and delves into the repertoire with a close look at Gilbert Biberians Folklore III. The general overview of the ensemble includes challenges, advantages, and unique considerations of the duo with insight from professionals in the field, including members of the Alturas Duo, Duo Fresco, and Duo Ditirambo. Four specific topics of the ensemble are explored in depth: balance, intonation, performance set-up, and repertoire. The analysis and performance considerations for Folklore III focus on Biberians use of Turkish folk song and Turkish music idioms and how these elements influence performance. Elements explored include texture, grace notes, timbre, ensemble. Included are the composers insights and intentions gathered from the authors interview with Gilbert Biberian. This paper is meant to be a resource for those looking to perform or better understand the viola-guitar duo and to delve into the repertoire with a look at Folklore III.


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