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Doctor of Education


Leadership & Policy Studies

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Wendy Griswold

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Edith Gnanadass

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Donna Menke

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Mary Boudreaux


This hermeneutic phenomenological study centered on the lived experiences of older teachers, administrators, and technology coordinators as they navigate the acquiring, teaching, learning, using, and evaluating of technological resources in the classroom. In particular, this study sought to understand this phenomenon through the eyes of the participants as they interact with teachers with 20 or more years of teaching experience in two rural West Tennessee school districts. Using social learning theory as the backbone of analysis, I had nine participants engage in three in-depth interviews each. The first interview acquired background and foundational knowledge in relation to the use of technology and its use in education by the participants; the second interview looked more closely at the experiences that participants have in relation to the phenomenon; and the third interview gave the participants the opportunity to reflect on their experiences in order to expose deeper meaning for analysis. I also kept a journal of notes and thoughts throughout the process, and participants had opportunities to review transcripts and annotation and make changes to ensure clarity and accuracy of voice.Data was input into NVivo 11 and was coded using the participants own thoughts. Through this process four major themes emerged: (a) the need for connection and understanding, (b) the availability of resources and training, (c) the catalyst of pressure and expectation, and (d) the importance of time. Afterward, these themes were linked with existing literature to explore gaps in the research and potential for future exploration.


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