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Doctor of Philosophy



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Amanda Edgar

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Andre Johnson

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Antonio de Velasco

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Susan Nordstrom


This project examines representations about Black masculinity in Black popular culture, emphasizing how ideas about vulnerability and resistance converge. I draw from methods and theoretical assumptions in rhetorical and media studies to examine how these masculinities are represented. This project offers what I term Resistive Black Masculinities as a theoretical framework to examine how Black men in Black popular culture are represented both as socially vulnerable and as resisting their vulnerability. Additionally, this project considers how Resistive Black Masculinities are made legible in Black popular culture through what I refer to as a hip-hop sensibility. Through three case studies, I demonstrate how Resistive Black Masculinities and its related components manifest in Black popular culture. These case studies include analyses of Black masculinity in popular rapper J. Coles album 2014 Forest Hills Drive (2014), the interracial buddy movie Blindspotting (2018), and the first season of Foxs television show Empire. In doing so, this project offers a multifaceted conceptual framework for analyzing Black masculinities in conversation with vulnerability and resistance.


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