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Alisha Rufty



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Doctor of Musical Arts



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Kimberly Patterson

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Francisco Lara

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Jeremy Orosz

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Ryan Fisher


AbstractThe purpose of this study was to gather data on current trends and attitudes toward the use of David Poppers High School of Cello Playing, Op. 73, within university-level cello instruction in American universities, colleges and conservatories. Previous research indicated Poppers High School of Cello Playing, Op. 73, is the most widely used cello etude studies in American colleges and universities. Pedagogical discussion on Poppers etudes found in journal articles, websites, and dissertations has focused primarily on the etudes use to prepare students for advanced cello literature, with less emphasis on how the etude collection is introduced and utilized with undergraduate cellists. A brief, twenty-question survey, consisting primarily of closed-ended questions and one open-ended question was emailed to nearly 300 university-level cello professors in all fifty states of the U.S. Every type of college, university or conservatory cello professor with an email address was invited to participate in order to produce a robust sample. Data was collected and stored via Qualtrics. Results were reported using percentage ratings on responses to close-ended questions (Quantitative) and categorial coding for responses to the open-ended question(s) (Qualitative) and interpreted using descriptive statistics.


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