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Morgan, Vivian King. DLS. The University of Memphis. May 2023. Dika Saouvre (In Plain Sight): A Case Study of Romani Marginalization in Modern Athens. Colin Chapell, PhD. The Romani people have been subjected to discrimination and marginalization in all aspects of their lives since the Middle Ages. While there has been considerable research conducted on the Romani, especially those living in the Eastern European countries that were once part of the Soviet Union, there has been minimal research pertaining to Roma marginalization in Greece. Like Roma throughout the European Union, Greek Roma consist of heterogenous groups with different experiences and needs but there are common threads of marginalization that run throughout all of their communities. This qualitative case study focuses on two communities of Roma in the greater Athens areas of Ano Liosia and Nomismatokopeio and is predicated upon the narrative analysis of open-ended interviews with ten participants. These participants provide data that is representative of seventy-five family members in their communities. This research provides valuable insight into the participants’ perceptions and realities of marginalization in the areas of housing, education, employment, healthcare, aid, and police harassment while also analyzing how marginalization, perceived and otherwise, impacts the overall well-being of oppressed people. In addition, this research examines the impact particular aspects of Romani culture have on marginalization while providing a comparative analysis of Greek Roma communities and other Roma communities throughout the European Union.


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