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This research seeks to determine if Buick’s campaigns and commercials promote corporate social advocacy, marketing, and responsibility. Buick launched the #SeeHerGreatness and Dream with Us campaigns in 2022 and created The Quadruple Take – Buick Envision commercial in 2021. Within the literature review the three theoretical theories are discussed. There is also a section on women in advertising and the term femvertising is discussed. To evaluate if Buick uses all three theories a qualitative textual analysis was completed. For every chapter literary background is provided to establish a foundation for the reader. For the #SeeHerGreatness chapter literary information is provided about the treatment women’s sports has received in the media, the Dream with Us chapter discusses electric vehicles, and the Quadruple Take -Buick Envision chapter continues literary discussion provided in the literature review about women in advertising, primarily discussing how women started being advertised in automobile commercials and the term automobile femvertising will be discussed. Each campaign and commercial were watched to evaluate what I saw and heard. After completing the research method, it was then determined whether Buick promoted the three theoretical theories within their campaigns and commercial.


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