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Creative Writing

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A Kingdom Divided follows Aimon of Dorchester as he begins to discover that a shield on its own can never be large enough to protect everything. A skilled machinist, Aimon is ousted from his home by the son of the Baron and forced to join the Kingdom of Idacia’s Legion as an engineer. As one dream closes for Aimon, the dormant dream of becoming a Striker pilot, elite warriors tasked with defending Idacia from the Hobbolds, begins to reemerge. Studying alongside the pilot track students at Idas Academy, Aimon works in the cities underground to attempt to secure his own Striker rig and take part in the graduation ceremony to earn his license. The world of Amorset is a hybrid of traditional fantasy and science fiction. As the deities that walk the world alongside the mortals begin to distance themselves, the population of Amorset is on the cusp of Industrial Revolution and struggling to adapt their feudal society to the new age. New money, old power, and a darker power wait in the wings as Aimon arrives to the capital city of Idas.


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