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Civil Engineering

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Stephanie Ivey

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Martin Lipinski


This study employs the use of StreetLight Data analytics to evaluate the Shelby Farms Greenline in Memphis, TN as an equitable pedestrian transportation source. A comprehensive literature review was conducted to identify current practices in equitable pedestrian infrastructure design and pedestrian data collection methods. Using American Community Survey data (annual household income and race/ethnicity), four access points were identified along the Greenline based on demographic and geographic representation. Each location was analyzed using traveler and trip attributes provided by StreetLight data to evaluate pedestrian use of the Greenline. The results of StreetLight Data were validated using two permanent pedestrian counters located along the Greenline. The study resulted in a variety of outcomes that reflect both positively and negatively on the current pedestrian infrastructure. Only one corridor has a greater percentage of commuters and home-to-other than recreational users, signaling a lack of use as an active transportation source. Moreover, the results indicate that there is a lack of demographic representation along the Greenline when compared with the adjacent neighborhoods. As such, additional research areas are recommended to provide a thorough analysis of the pedestrian infrastructure. These include factors such as safety, accessibility, adjacent land use, job location, and transit facility access. Overall, StreetLight Data provides valuable pedestrian data, that when combined with validation using local counts, can be used to inform equitable decision making.


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