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Few studies have examined help seeking behaviors and the mental health of graduate level counseling students. This study expands on the current research by examining the relationship between mental health help seeking behaviors and self-reported symptoms of psychological distress in graduate level counseling students enrolled in CACREP accredited counseling programs throughout the United States. Survey responses from 271 graduate level counseling students were analyzed. Parametric tests of ANOVA and Multiple regression, and nonparametric analyses of Kruskal-Wallis and Fishers exact test were used. Results from Kruskal-Wallis tests found significant differences in depression, anxiety, and stress scores based on the type of help sought. ANOVA results found statistically significant differences in depression and anxiety scores between sources of help received. Tukey HSD post-hoc analyses found that participants whom sought help from faculty had higher depression scores than those who received no help at all; participants who received no help had lower anxiety scores than both those who sought help from faculty, as well as, those who sought help from both faculty and counseling professionals. Results of Multiple Linear Regression model were significant for both depression and anxiety scores. Findings concluded that seeking faculty help and enrollment in specialty area of counseling in educational settings contributed to the variances in both depression and anxiety scores of participants. Implications for research, teaching, and practice are discussed. Limitations to current study, as well as, considerations for future research are provided.


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