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Master of Science


Earth Sciences

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Roy Van Arsdale

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Randel Cox

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Youngsang Kwon


The surface and subsurface geology of Lauderdale and Tipton counties were mapped using seismic reflection line data, borehole data, water well data, previously mapped faults, and Lidar DEM imagery. Geologic structure contour maps, isopach maps, cross sections, and a 3D geologic model were made of Tipton and Lauderdale counties. These maps, cross sections, and 3D model include the tops of the Eocene upper Claiborne Group, Eocene Memphis Sand, Cretaceous strata, and Paleozoic strata. The post-Eocene near-surface geology was also mapped, which includes Pleistocene loess, Pliocene and Pleistocene terrace alluvium, and Holocene floodplain alluvium. The resulting geologic maps and cross sections show the inversion of basement faults, faulting of near-surface upper Claiborne Group, warping of strata above the Covington pluton, windows (breaches) through the Eocene upper Claiborne aquiclude that potentially allows surface water to enter the confined Memphis aquifer, locations, and thickness of Upland Complex sand and gravel resources, and accompanying data to assess the economic potential of the Upland Complex in Tipton and Lauderdale counties.


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