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Doctor of Philosophy


Counseling Psychology

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Suzanne Lease

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Rosie P Davis

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Alfred Hall

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Michael Mackay


This study examined the relationship between racial and ethnic microaggressions and work volition and whether humor styles moderated that relationship. Participants were 216 employed Black men who completed measures of work volition (WVS-V), racial and ethnic microaggressions (REMS-45), and humor styles (HSQ-32). Data were analyzed using Hayes’ PROCESS macro for SPSS (Model 1, moderation) and supported the hypothesis that racial and ethnic microaggressions (REMS) frequency were directly related to work volition. Aggressive humor style moderated the racial microaggression – work volition relationship such that using an aggressive humor style at high levels of microaggressions was associated with lower work volition. The other three humor styles did not moderate the REMS – work volition relationship, though affiliative and self-enhancing humor styles directly predicted work volition. Clinical implications, limitations, and future directions are discussed.


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