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The existence of workshops in the Mississippian Southeast has been speculated before by several prominent figures in the field. In this thesis, I examine negative painted wares from the Tyler Mound site (15FU3), located in Fulton County, Kentucky. I hypothesize that a workshop produced negative painted human effigy bottles by members of a religious sodality. I examine burial goods at Gray Farm in Williamson County, Tennessee (40WM11) to find a religious sodality producing negative painted bottles like the ones at the Tyler Mound site. In turn, a religious sodality operating at the Tyler Mound site can be argued. For my data, I collect negative painted vessels from the Tyler Mound site, hooded effigy bottles from southeast Missouri, and burial goods from Gray Farm. I examine vessels that may have been produced by a religious sodality operating at Gray Farm. I conclude that there is evidence of a workshop, which produced negative painted effigy bottles at the Tyler Mound site.


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