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Although there is a vast amount of research on the American Civil Rights Movement, there is very little research done on the movement within DeSoto and Tate Counties, which are located in northwest Mississippi. These two counties had many important events happen in them, but the desegregation of schools had the greatest impact on their race relations. While these two counties had a generally peaceful integration when compared to other counties in Mississippi, the overall ambivalence of most white people toward integration is important to highlight. Through oral history interviews of people who were involved in the schools during this time period and research in local newspapers, this project shows the events the process of school desegregation in the counties. Although these events proceeded more peacefully than in other Mississippi counties, they still were not without flaws and issues. This project adds another dimension to the Civil Rights Movement in Mississippi. It shows that not every county in Mississippi underwent the same struggle in terms of school segregation and desegregation. Yet every county did struggle with segregation and desegregation in unique ways.


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