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Doctor of Philosophy


Mechanical Engineering

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Jeffrey Marchetta

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John Hochstein

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Firouzeh Sabri

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Yuan Gao


The current research utilizes an Energy of Fluid (EOF) approach to develop a finite volume-based Computation Fluid Dynamic (CFD) model to create a benchmark simulation of the densification of liquid hydrogen (LH2) in an experimental Integrated Refrigeration and Storage (IRAS) tank at the Kennedy Space Center (KSC). The computational code will incorporate a commercial pressure-based model with User Defined Functions (UDF) to implement the EOF model. The enhanced model will solve the energy equation in terms of internal energy and provide temperature and pressure calculations for a given tank geometry. Specifically, a convection term will be added to an already existing code for a more accurate simulation of LH2 densification. However, currently the research focuses on utilizing User Defined Scalars (UDS) to show the built-in solvers are as accurate as the written UDS. This will reduce the computational time down significantly by utilizing an already built in solver for the momentum equation. A custom UDF has been written to solve transient and steady state conduction, and results obtained using the UDF agree with results obtained using the built-in solver. Currently, a convection UDF is being added and will be verified using known solutions for solidification and validated with the experimental results from the Cryogenics Test Laboratory (CTL) at KSC for the IRAS densification process.


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