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Lesley Bragdon's art aims to capture and convey her unique perception of the world. She reproduces the distorted, out-of-focus, and shadowy aspects of everyday objects that she sees, highlighting that everyone can perceive objects differently. Bragdon's artistic process involves the hybridization of materials and the transformation of found objects into mixed-media sculptures and installations. She draws inspiration from contemporary artists like Lynda Benglis and Suzanne Jackson, exploring the boundaries between painting and sculpture. The use of shadows plays a significant role in her art, adding layers of abstraction and creating visually captivating experiences. Bragdon's art is influenced by her medical history, seeking to understand the relationship between perception and interpretation. Her solo exhibition showcased her diverse range of artwork, providing a holistic view of her artistic practice. Overall, Lesley Bragdon's abstract art explores the complexities of perception, materiality, and transformation, inviting viewers to discover their understanding of the world.


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