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Master of Science


Clinical Nutrition

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Margaret R Williams

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Karen Smith

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Carol O Mitchell


Vaso-occlusive pain crisis is the hallmark complication of sickle cell anemiaand may be precipitated by low hydration status. The purpose of this pilot study was to: 1) identify the feasibility of measuring hydration status utilizing bioelectrical impedance analysis in children with SCA and 2) determine if sodium and fluid intake can be assessed in patients with SCA utilizing a 24 hour food recall. Ten children between the ages of 5 and 17 who have sickle cell anemia were evaluated to determine total body water, fluid intake, sodium intake and impact of temperature and humidity on pain crisis, hospitalization and use of pain medication. Despite lower than average total body water, low fluid intake, high sodium intake and temperatures above 80 degrees, participants did not present with pain crisis; therefore, temperature, humidity, total body water, fluid intake and sodium intake had no effect. Bioelectrical impedance analysis does seem to be a viable measure of total body water, however 3 day food records may be better suited to assess sodium and fluid intake in place of 24 hour food recall.


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