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Master of Science


Earth Sciences

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Esra Ozdenerol

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Anzhelika Antipova

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Hsiang Kung


This thesis is a feasibility study that addresses the need for cross-training from GIS perspective into fields of planning, architecture, engineering, the earth sciences and beyond to create a more seamless transition for students into the work force. This study utilizes Python, AutoCAD, and Feature Manipulation Engine (FME) to develop a semester long course at the undergraduate level or an interdisciplinary cross-training workshop series. A survey is conducted to identify the knowledge and skills needed and then cross-referencing to a list with an inventory of current student and GIS employees’ proficiencies to reveal gaps. There is a great amount of unfamiliarity with these products, although most respondents estimated a time saving with proficiency. 93% of survey respondents stated that they would be more likely to hire someone with one or more of these skills on a resume. The outcome of this thesis is not only the development of a 15-week long cross-training course with assignments, quizzes, and projects, but also the evaluation of the use of these software products in both academic and industry settings


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