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Doctor of Musical Arts



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Kenneth Kreitner

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Randal Rushing

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Michelle Vigneau

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ABSTRACT Harr, James Oliver. DMA. The University of Memphis. May, 2022. The Influence of Ludwig Tieck’s Poetry on German Romantic Lieder: An Analysis of Selected Musical Settings of His Poem “Ruhe, Süssliebchen im schatten.” Major Professor: Dr. Kenneth R. Kreitner, PhD. This document begins with an Introduction detailing Ludwig Tieck’s text “Ruhe, Süssliebchen, im Schatten” and how it becomes the subject for a comparative textual analysis. Chapter two offers historical information on how philosophers, and writers/poets helped to shape German nationalistic pride. Chapter three discusses the importance of German Lied, describing it as a “kinship of arts.” Chapter four traces the origins of the German fairy tale. Chapter five details the history of the Magelone legend, and how Tieck became acquainted with it, and created his version of the story. Chapters six through eight offer detailed musical analyses of six settings of Tieck’s text from early to late German Romanticism. The concluding chapter recalls the relationship between text and music, and offers practical implications for vocal students.


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