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Master of Science


Mechanical Engineering

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Ranganathan Gopalakrishnan

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Yue Guan

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Yong Hoon Lee


The relative motion of ions with respect to objects/grains in a plasma leads to the ion drag force 1-5, like the drag force experienced by surfaces immersed in flows of neutral fluids. Ion drag force F ⃗_id plays a critical role in the collective motion and self-organization of grains in plasmas 6, 7, void formation in We present trajectory simulation-based modeling to capture the interactions between ions and charged grains in dusty or complex plasmas. Our study is motivated by the need for a self-consistent and experimentally validated approach for accurately calculating the ion drag force and grain charge that determine grain collective behavior in plasmas. We implement Langevin Dynamics in a computationally efficient multiscale approach to capture multiscale ion and grain dynamics. Along with critical assessments of our approach, suggestions for future experimental design to probe charging of and momentum transfer onto grains that capture the effect of space charge concentration and external fields are outlined.


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