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ABSTRACT Rojas, Daryl F. D.M.A. The University of Memphis. March, 2024. Steffen Schleiermacher’s Twelve Soundscapes Inside the Piano: A Performance and Teaching Perspective. Advisor: Dr. Jonathan Tsay. This document presents the living German composer and pianist Steffen Schleiermacher’s Twelve Soundscapes Inside the Piano as a tool for intermediate level pianists who would like to incorporate unconventional piano techniques in their repertoire. It also provides a technical and pedagogical analysis for pianists and teachers who would like to learn more about a composer who is relatively unknown in the US. This document includes a brief biography and artistic background of the composer, including information from a face-to-face interview that will be addressed in Chapter 2. Chapter 3 provides an outline of the concept, brief history, a glossary and use of what are known as extended piano techniques. Furthermore, Chapters 4 through 10 will focus on the analysis of the chosen seven piano pieces from the whole set. It is hoped that this document will provide more knowledge to all pianists and teachers who have been curious about exploring non- traditional techniques but have not yet found short piano pieces to learn about them. This is a way for both teacher and student not to feel overwhelmed but to feel confident enough to teach works of a new composer to their students, expanding their technical and musical abilities through new piano repertoire.


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