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Ali Mahboob



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Master of Arts


Political Science

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Derefe Chevannes

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Derefe Chevannes

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Sharon Adele Stanley

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Matthias Kaelberer


We live in a post-colonial reality. It is a fact of history. A past that determines the present, a present that determines the future. It is not the colonization of land that this project seeks to inquire about, but the colonization of knowledge, for what we know determines who we are. This thesis studies the relationship between the construction of the colonial self and the colonial reality from which it derives consciousness. It is an epistemological examination of a form of knowledge that presupposes the inferiority of the colonial being. This colonization of knowledge is the foundation of Western Humanism that has transformed the hegemonic culture of neo-colonialism. The underdevelopment of the peoples of the post-colonial state is owed to a mechanism of exploitation that originates in the making of the neo-colonial culture. This thesis contributes to the decolonial discourse that strives to decolonize the consciousness - a New Human, a Reconstruction of Knowledge.


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