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Doctor of Musical Arts



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William Shaltis


This document seeks to examine five pieces for solo snare drum and electronics by underrepresented composers. An important current topic of conversation among the percussion community is diversity. This prompted the selection of music by composers of two marginalized groups: Black, Indigenous, People of Color (BIPOC) and female-identifying composers. Each piece is analyzed to highlight electronics used, extended or uncommon techniques, different types of equipment needed, and performance choices. The five pieces examined in the document are Stop Speaking by Andy Akiho, Spur by Ivan Trevino, Pulsar by Francisco Perez, Obbligato Snare Drum Music No.1: “The Power of Love” by Thomas Kotcheff, and Heart.throb by Nina C. Young. A brief introductory chapter begins the document with five subsequent chapters about each of the pieces. Each chapter begins with a biography about the composer before beginning the analysis. An overview of the origin of the piece is followed by four sub-sections entitled “electronics,” “extended/uncommon techniques,” “interpretation/artistic choices,” and “equipment.” The “electronics” sub-section examines the type of electronics utilized as well as the challenges and/or important aspects to note when learning and performing the pieces. The “extended/uncommon techniques” sub-section showcases unusual notation, techniques, and how to achieve them. The sub-section entitled “interpretation/artistic choices” lists some challenging moments in the piece and some ways to successfully achieve them. Some other aspects noted may be suggestions on clarifying articulations, suggestions for alternatives, and practice tips. The final sub-section of each chapter is about equipment. Listed in this portion is both the percussion and audio equipment needed to perform each piece.


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