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Master of Science


Mechanical Engineering

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Gladius Lewis

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Hsiang Lin

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Teong Tan


The purpose of the present study was to design a wear tester for implants of the first metatarsophalangeal joint (FMTPJ), otherwise known as the first joint of the big toe. Many different designs of this type of implant from many different manufacturers are currently in clinical use, but there is no information in the open literature as to how these implants are tested for in vivo durability. There are several case studies, however, in which premature implant fractures were reported. It is possible that the incidence of such fractures might have been lower if standardized wear testing of FMTPJ implants existed. We studied the development history of FMTPJ implants, the designs of implants currently in clinical use; current wear test methods used on hip and knee implants, the biomechanics of the FMTPJ, and designed a wear tester that could be used to test current and future implant designs in vitro. A stress analysis of the tester indicated that any failure would occur at the implant/fixture interface and that the machine can test at forces beyond what has been observed in the normal gait.


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