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Doctor of Philosophy


Business Administration



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David Kemme

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Alex Nikolsko-Rzhevskyy

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David Sharp

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Andrew Hussey


My dissertation consists of three essays, each of which implements different data specification schemes to econometrically analyze specific topics in the realm of applied microeconomics and microeconometrics. Three separate questions are asked, and economic data is employed to empirically test the validity of alternative answers. These essays are encapsulated in ranging economic fields, but unified in that microeconomic principles and data analysis methods are employed. The initial essay, which is co-authored with Andrew Hussey and Alex Nikolsko-Rzhevskyy, titled "HIV and Recent Trends in Abortion Rates" tests an empirical link between the introduction of HIV/AIDS into the overall population and its possible impact on unwanted pregnancies as realized in lower abortions rates is in the realm of public and health economics. The second essay titled "Greeks Just Want to Have Fun or Do They? Fraternal Membership and College Outcomes" asks whether or not a student's decision to join a Greek organization during their undergraduate college tenure has significant impacts on collegiate outcomes, which delves into the economics of education, peer effects, and public economics. The third essay titled "A Structural Model of the U.S. Orange Juice Market: Alternative Evaluation Methods for Dumping Charges" takes a particular instance where a domestic industry has claimed that foreign producers have dumped products into the United States domestic market and econometrically tests the validity of those claims. This paper's topic is in the realm of international trade, public choice, and public economics.


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