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Master of Science


Mechanical Engineering

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Jeff Marchetta

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Firouzeh Sabri

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Esra Roan


Thermal conductivities for different volume percentages of polyurea cross-linked silica aerogel to RTV 655 were experimentally determined. Silica aerogel is an ideal insulator with a makeup of up to 99% air. Polyurea cross-linked silica aerogel, PCSA, is a much stronger material while retaining the high thermal insulation properties of this group of materials. RTV 655 can be shaped into any geometry and is stable under extreme temperature conditions. RTV 655 is a space qualified polymer and the compound material made up of aerogel-RTV 655 is being considered here for use as a cryogenic propellant tank material for long duration space missions. Several samples were made to test thermal properties of different volume percentages in an effort to assess the thermal conductivity of the combination of polyurea cross-linked silica aerogel and RTV 655. Thermal conductivity results are presented comparing small aerogel discs embedded in RTV 655, a homogeneous compound consisting of micro scale aerogel particles embedded in RTV 655, large irregular geometry aerogels in RTV 655 and monolithic aerogel blocks embedded in RTV 655.


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