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Exercise and Sport Science

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Murlasits Zsolt

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Berman Jeffery

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Schoech Steve


Objective: This meta-analysis uses data from clincial studies of older men with low to low-normal concentrations of testosterone (T) that were treated with exogenous T to assess treatment efficacy on: lean body mass, fat mass, strength, and mobility. Methods: The data investigated are from published and referred journals. The Cohen's d was used to compute effect sizes from both pre-treatment and post-treatment scores. Results: The analysis revealed that T resulted in an overall significant (p = 0.037) improvement in physical characteristics and muscle function. After accounting for the variance, significance wa strengthened (p = 0.006) for the overall effect. When the dependent variables were considered independently, the largest contribution came from a decreases in fat mass (p = 0.003), followed by a non-significant trend (p = 0.06) for an increase in lean mass. After accounting for the variance for the dependent variables independently, lean mass (p = 0.0003), fat mass (p = 0.005), and strength (p = 0.02) were all found to be signifianct contributors. Conclusion: T administration can be considereda viable treatment for both the prevention and rehabilitation of decreased muscle mass and muscle strength seen in older men with low to low-normal T concentrations.


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