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Master of Science


Clinical Nutrition

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Ruth Williams-Hooker

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Jane Nuckolls

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Michelle Stockton


ObjectiveTo determine the effectiveness of physician education on achieving earlier initiation of nutrition support, and to determine the effects of early nutrition support on patient outcomes of hospital length of stay (LOS), intensive care unit (ICU) LOS, and days on mechanical ventilation.DesignThis was a prospective study evaluating the effectiveness of Nestle Nutrition's Nourish Now™ program in acheiving earlier enteral nutrition in ICU patients at Methodist University Hospital in Memphis, TN. The effect of early enteral feeding on the patient outcomes of length of hospital stay, length of ICU stay, and days on mechanical ventilation were also examined.Subjects 150 patients were included in the patient subject population. 31 ICU healthcare professionals attended the education.Results Average hours patients remained NPO (nil per os or "nothing by mouth") in the pre-education group was 51.41 hours compared to 43.77 hours in the post-education group (p=0.439). Patients who received early initiation of nutrition support experienced shorter hospital LOS (p=0.046), shorter ICU LOS (p=0.229), and fewer days on mechanical ventilation (p=0.526).Conclusion Early nutrition support was significantly related to a shorter hospital LOS. Although not significant, early nutrition support was associated with a shorter ICU LOS and fewer days spent on mechanical ventilation, and physician education was associated with earlier initiation of nutrition support.


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