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Afroza Ahmed



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Master of Science


Electrical and Computer Engr


Computer Engineering

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Mohammed Yeasin

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Xiangen Hu

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Aaron L Robinson


Ahmed, Afroza. MS. The University of Memphis. August 2010. Integrated Framework for Interaction and Annotation of Multimodal Data. Major Professor: Mohammed Yeasin, Ph.D. This thesis aims to develop an integrated framework and intuitive user-interface to interact, annotate, and analyze multimodal data (i.e., video, image, audio, and text data). The proposed framework has three layers: (i) interaction, (ii) annotation, and (iii) analysis or modeling. These three layers are seamlessly wrapped together using an user-friendly interface designed based on proven principles from the industry practices. The key objective is to facilitate the interaction with multimodal data at various levels of granularities. In particular, the proposed framework allows interaction with the multimodal data in three levels: (i) raw level, (ii) feature level, and (iii) semantic level. The main function of the proposed framework is to provide an efficient way to annotate the raw multimodal data to create proper ground truth meta data. The annotated data is used for visual analysis, co-analysis, and modeling of underlying concepts, such as dialog acts, continuous gestures, and spontaneous emotions. The key challenge is to integrate codes(computer programs) written using different programming languages and platforms, displaying the results, and multimodal data in one platform. This fully integrated tool achieved the stated goals and objective and is a valuable addition to the list of very few existing tools that are useful for interaction, annotation, and analysis of multimodal data.


Data is provided by the student.

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