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Master of Architecture



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James F Williamson

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Michael D Hagge

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Sherry Bryan

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Jimmie Tucker


Growing up in Marianna, Arkansas, I recall the memories of places that are dear to my heart. Yet, many of these places have either been demolished or sit vacant, leaving only the memories that others and I relive as we pass by. Despite economic downfalls throughout the city’s existence, it has still found a way to press forward. If one takes into account other small towns in the Delta, Marianna, like many others, has continued to decrease in population and job resources. I foresee a technologically-advanced library within the heart of downtown Marianna where people of all agesand backgrounds can access not only books, but also the endless amount of resources the world has to offer through the Internet. Even more, I foresee priceless stories being told and advice being disseminated by word of mouth to the fellow sitting across the table, or the voice heard over ones shoulder – “This is the way, walk in it.”


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