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Master of Science


Civil Engineering


Structural Engineering

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Charles Camp

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Shahram Pezeshk

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William Segui


Assfoura, Hanan. M.S. Civil Engineeting. The University of Memphis. May/2013. Design of Steel frames Using an Application Programming Interface with Ant Colony Optimization. Charles Camp, Ph.D. The goal of this study is to integrate an optimization code with an analysis and design software through its application programming interface (API). Ant colony optimization (ACO) is the optimization procesure being used and the analysis software is SAP2000. The SAP2000 API provides a bridge between ACO code written in Visual Basic 2005 and a steel frame structure modeled in SAP2000. In structural design, the ACO objective function is to minimize the weight of the structure subjected to strength and displacement constraints. The violation of the constraints will be represented by a penalty function which will be enforced on the structural weight. Ordinary moment resisting frames are designed under normal conditions and progressive collapse conditions All the design requirements conform to the American Institute of Steel Construction Load and Resistance Factor Design (AISC-LRFD) Specification. The frame sections are selected from the standard database of AISC W-shapes subjected to some fabrication limitations.


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