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Master of Arts


Political Science

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Nicole Detraz

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Eric Groenendyk

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Lisbeth Berbary


When an individual experiences a change in location and enters an unfamiliar space or place, there is often a period of adjustment that occurs due to differences in the two environments. Some of these differences may be immediately obvious to the individual upon their transition, however many times, the differences are not obvious to the eye or even to the mind. This is due to the role of discursive expectations, which are “taken for granted” truths that are engrained in and disciplined through discourses embedded in areas of society such as culture, ethnicity, and religion. Upon entering the new space or place, individuals may unconsciously become disciplined by these societal discourses and adapt to or resist the new set of expectations. This post-colonial narrative inquiry seeks to illuminate the personal experiences of women as they navigated differing discourses experienced as a result of immigration to the United States.


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