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Master of Science


Clinical Nutrition

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Ruth Williams-Hooker

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George Relyea

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Harriet Surprise

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Karen Smith


Objective To gather feasibility and reliability data of a nutriton knoweldge questionnaire. Secondarily, to gather preliminary data on nutrition knowledge of college students.Methods A nutrition knoweldge survey, based off a nutrition survey used by St. Jude Children's Research Hospital in 2010 was sent via email to the University of Memphis professors teaching an online class during the summer of 2013. It is a descriptive study completed via Qualtrics, an online survey tool.Results They survey was completed from July 17-August 9, 2013 by 85 participants, Participants were 27.1% male (n=23) and 72.9% female (n=62). When asked if the questionstested their knowledge about healthy diets and nutrition, 96.5%(n=82) selected yes. Six respondents selected that the questionnaire took too to complete; however, the remaining participants (92.9%) selected that it did not, Forty percent of thequestions (n=15) in the survey were answered correctly.Conclusion The survey is feasible to complete within 5 minutes. This nutrition knowledge questionnaire is reliable, with a few clarifications. The questions, when taken at face value, are easy to understand.


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