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Master of Science


Computer Science

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Lan Wang

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Timothy Hnat

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King-lp Lin


Named Data Networking (NDN) is a fundamental paradigm shift from the current Internet where, packets are forwarded by name instead of the destination IP address. By explicitly naming each packet and signing data, NDN enables some revolutionary features like data authenticity, multicast data delivery, and multipath forwarding with adaptive strategies. For NDN to work well over a network, it requires a routing protocol which will not only need to propagate name reachability in the network, but also compute ranked multipath forwarding entries for each name by ensuring the security of routing exchanges. Moreover, moving from a traditional, long studied, and well-understood IP based thinking process to name based routing makes designing an efficient routing protocol for NDN more challenging. This thesis presents Named-data Link State Routing (NLSR), which propagates name reachability and computes ranked multiple nexthops for forwarding. NLSR also takes advantage of inherent data authenticity features to provide simple yet robust security for routing exchanges.This thesis focuses on discussing four functional design goals of NLSR. First and foremost is designing a naming scheme for routers, routing updates, and routers' cryptographic certificates. The second design goal is to make a rational choice between two available synchronization protocols for disseminating routing updates in NDN. The third goal is designing an efficient algorithm to produce multiple nexthops for each forwarding entry. The fourth and final goal is to produce a self-sufficient design for naming, distributing cryptographic certificates in the network, and deriving trust from those certificates for routing updates.The goal of this thesis is to design and evaluate a routing protocol, which will well serve the needs of NDN. NLSR moves from the conventional IP based routing to name based routing and from single path forwarding to multiple path forwarding. We have evaluated NLSR, and compared to IP link state routing protocol, it offers more efficient routing update propagation, inherent update authentication, and native support of multipath forwarding. NLSR provides a great learning experience to develop an application on top of NDN which requires meticulous consideration in namespace design, careful design of the trust model for data authentication, and most importantly, a mental adjustment to NDN's design philosophy of using interest-data exchanges for routing messages. NLSR is the first distributed routing protocol in NDN for a single authoritative domain and the first step toward developing and extending protocols for inter-domain routing.


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