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Master of Science


Clinical Nutrition

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Ruth Williams

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Robin Roach

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M. Teresa Knight

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Michelle B. Stockton


Objective To determine the relationship between body mass index, lung function, and nutrition knowledge in adolescents with Cystic Fibrosis.Design Baseline data were examined for participants who were given 20 minutes to complete a nutrition knowledge questionnaire.Participants Twenty-five partcipants ages 13-19 with Cystic Fibrosis from the University of Tennessee Cystic Fibrosis Care and Research Center consented to enroll in the study.Results Average age was 15.52 (SD = 2.0) and average body mass index percentile was 31 (22.81). Forty-eight percent of participants had lung function between 50-90% of the predicted forced expiratory value. There was not a statistically significant relationship between body mass index and total nutrition knowledge (r = 0.16; p = 0.44). There were statistically significant relationships involving specific nutrition knowledge questions.Conclusion It was determined that there was no relationship between body mass index, lung function, and total nutrition knowledge, although certain questions did positively correlate.


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