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Master of Fine Arts


Creative Writing

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Tim Johnston

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Courtney Miller Santo

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Lorinda Cohoon


Everything Must Go: A Collection of Short Stories seeks to explore the complexity of life through a number of characters and the situations and relationships that define them. Work, death, family, religion, illness, addiction, and Mother Nature all play their part in shaping the lives and choices of the characters within this collection. In "The Experiment," a college student counts cards with her sick father in order to pay her tuition, while a football coach questions his woth in the story, "Making the Call." "Drought" follows the effects of a statewide water shortage through the imaginative lens of one old woman, and through the limited lens of another we see a hunting dog go on a vicious rampage in "The Duke of Cordillera." From a rodeo clown trying to be a father to a pawn shop owner's questions about God, each character in this collection must find his or her own way or die trying. Much like Antonio Morales, the struggling boxer, in "The Sparring Partner," these characters often find themselves beaten and penned in the corner by what life throws at them. Their best chance for survial is to come out swinging.


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