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Master of Fine Arts


Creative Writing

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Tim Johnston

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Cary Holladay

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James Newcomb


Everyone Who Ever Lived is a novel centered on the experience of Elliot, an analyst at a private intelligence agency, sent to Cambodia to track down Samuel Marven, a whistleblower who has stolen both corporate and state secrets. Elliot’s wife, Julia, joins him, and both see it as a way to improve their marriage. Elliot also sees this job as a means of securing a promotion, which he badly needs—they’re in danger of losing their house, though Julia does not know it. Elliot’s job is to mathematically predict the occurrence of bad things, and he sees every aspect of his life through the lens of this unrelenting logic. Part of him believes that with the right reasoning and forewarning, virtually any circumstance can be controlled, but this mindset begins to erode as the couple travels through Cambodia and things become more complicated, both in his professional and romantic life. When he does finally track down Samuel Marven, the waters are further muddied. The lines between himself and Marven—and between right and wrong—must be redrawn, and he must come to terms with traumatic, unpredictable events in his past.


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