The potential role of Capsaicinoids in weight management


The prevalence of obesity has increased to epidemic proportions in recent years. Methods of reducing body weight include restriction and modification of dietary energy, increased physical activity to allow for increased energy expenditure, and the use of prescription pharmacologic and/or dietary agents aimed at reducing appetite, increasing thermogenesis, and/or increasing fatty acid mobilization into the circulation to allow for increased fat oxidation. Capsaicinoids are one dietary agent reported in the literature to reduce ad libitum food intake, to increase thermogenesis, and to increase lipolysis. While not all studies have supported the above findings, the majority of published work has noted positive effects related to at least one of these outcome measures. Hence, capsaicinoids may be considered as a nonpharmacologic adjunct to increased physical activity and optimal dietary intake in the quest for reduced body weight/fat.

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Agro Food Industry Hi-Tech

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