Historical perspectives of the concept of child and technology innovation


Technology has and does influence the social-cultural development of any population. Some see environment, social, cultural, or philosophical factors as the catalyst for the concept of child and technology innovation. Others view the concept of child and technology as the catalyst for change in social-cultural environments. In order to better understand the relationship of child and technology in a historical context, we must first understand the historical significance of technologies' influence on culture and the development of child as a social influence. Often, as technological advances increase, the generation gap grows, as the concept of child changes to become a driving influence on educational environments. This chapter provides the historical context for the changing educational power structures influenced by technology and how the role of child has evolved from that of a small adult to a major social-cultural influence through the innovations of technology. © 2012, IGI Global.

Publication Title

Child Development and the Use of Technology: Perspectives, Applications and Experiences