Judgment deferred: Reappraisal of rehabilitation counseling movement toward licensure parity


Fifteen years have passed since an analysis of the position of rehabilitation counselors in the national counselor licensure movement by Tarvydas and Leahy. This article addresses the question of how well their efforts to achieve licensure parity with other counselors have fared. This question will be addressed by discussing (a) rehabilitation counseling developments that have influenced licensure progress, (b) shifts in the nature of professionalization and efforts toward rehabilitation counseling parity, and (c) counselor licensure trends and rehabilitation counseling status within them. Specific recommendations are provided that would assist the field of rehabilitation counseling in meeting the urgent challenges that confront them in consolidating its position in the maturing counselor licensure movement before it is further disadvantaged. © 2009 Hammill Institute on Disabilities.

Publication Title

Rehabilitation Counseling Bulletin