Learning, growing, and connecting in sickness and in health: Exploring technology, parenting, and young children with serious medical illnesses and chronic disabilities


Even though parenting may have originated out of evolutionary necessity, parenting today has taken on many different meanings related to the larger social and cultural contexts in which it is situated. One of the dominant forces impacting parenting across the most recent decades is technology, which has allowed the easy access and transmission of information via the internet, enabled long-distance communications, and provided an additional medium for education and entertainment for even very young children. Although technology maintains a seemingly universal presence in the lives of parents and their children, it is used in different ways according to the individual circumstances that each family faces on a day-to-day basis. This chapter will explore the various ways in which typically developing children, children with disabilities, and children with chronic illnesses and their parents utilize technology to access information, acquire social support, and achieve parental and developmental goals. Technology offers a valuable resource for meeting the needs of parents and young children of all abilities. © 2012, IGI Global.

Publication Title

Child Development and the Use of Technology: Perspectives, Applications and Experiences