Remediation plans for trainees with problems of professional competence


For trainees in health service psychology, an effective approach to the assessment of competencies can identify trainees with problems of professional competence. Once such problems are identified, a systematic and proactive remediation effort can be put into place. Such efforts are likely to be most effective in training cultures that are competency-based, ecosystemic, collaborative, and communitarian and that are mindful of the legal context. This article is the first to offer comprehensive practical guidance about three key components of the remediation process: creation of individualized remediation plans, implementation of remedial interventions or strategies, and evaluation of progress and outcomes and associated decision making. A detailed example is provided that helps to flesh out the three components of the remediation process. The article concludes with recommendations for steps to be taken to advance remediation efforts within health service psychology and in other health professions.

Publication Title

Training and Education in Professional Psychology