Scholarly Productivity in Rehabilitation Counseling: A Review of Journal Contributors From 2000 to 2009


As with most disciplinary areas in the realm of academe, the prestige of rehabilitation counseling has always been assessed by a faculty's research productivity, which is determined by the frequency of publications in the leading peer-reviewed journals. The purpose of the present study was to appraise peer-reviewed publication venues, order of authorship, article types, research productivity of scholars, and their affiliated programs in the field of rehabilitation counseling. A total of 1,855 peer-reviewed articles from seven major rehabilitation-related journals over a 10-year period (2000 to 2009) were investigated. Results revealed disparities in research productivity between minority-serving institutions and White-dominant institutions, and also between teaching-oriented institutions and research-oriented institutions. The authors also found a positive correlation between an institution's research productivity ranking and its U.S. News & World Report Best Graduate Schools ranking. Toward the conclusion, suggestions for future research on scholarly productivity are provided. © Hammill Institute on Disabilities 2013.

Publication Title

Rehabilitation Counseling Bulletin