Web 2.0 Technologies: Facilitating Interaction in an Online Human Services Counseling Skills Course


In the face-to-face classroom, human services counseling educators rely on highly interpersonal, interactive methods to teach clinical skills. Replicating these instructional methods in the asynchronous, text-based e-learning environment has been difficult and sometimes impossible. However, web-based technologies, specifically Web 2.0 technologies, may afford educators the opportunity to simulate and enhance the strengths of highly interpersonal and interactive methods of face-to-face clinical skill instruction. These authors demonstrate how a human services counseling skills course can be taught using Web 2.0 technologies. Most of the focus will be on two synchronous applications: 3-D virtual worlds and web conferencing. Implications for educators and recommendations for future research are provided. © 2009 Taylor & Francis Group.

Publication Title

Journal of Technology in Human Services